Born to be wild

Michel Zoghzgi

During his recent visit to Lebanon, we had the chance to meet with this unique personality who wouldn’t hesitate to leave everything and spend the rest of his life in the wild. He is a businessman living in the United States, graduated from University of Chicago MBA Finance – New York, never held a camera till the age of 40 when he discovered this passion for the wild, predators and the need to translate the beauty of nature to humanity who is constantly, anywhere and everywhere causing harm and damage to mother nature and its creatures… He is Michel Zoghzgi.

“Wildlife photography is my passion with a strong preference for predators”

Michel travels around the world aiming to catch the best photos of Lions, Tigers or bears in their natural habitat. He is living the dream of being in the right place at the right time capturing powerful moments in the Wildlife. He has held so many exhibitions and donated the revenues of his work to local charities or wildlife/animal conservation projects and organizations.

Michel has never been to a photography school.

He educated himself inspired by Nature and developed his skills by learning from famous photographers such as Andreas Gursky – Nick Brandt – Sebastiao Salgado

Nowadays, the photography industry is overpriced and very marketing driven, said Zoghzgi. Technology and social media are a must to exposure and promote your work.

“A photo is the art form that could convey the strongest messages”

Exclusively to Anoujoum, Wildlife photographer Michel Zoghzgi dedicated his photos for us to share and enjoy. All the best in your upcoming adventures Michel and stay Safe.


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