Faydee: The Legend

Faydee, an Australian singer and songwriter, is back with a new EP, Legendary, out 28 March. Sahar Mourad caught up with Faydee to find out about his journey to becoming a singer and what we can expect from him in the near future.

Sahar: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Faydee: My inspiration comes from living life, listening to new and classic music and when sometimes I connect with someone who inspires me to write an amazing record.

Sahar: What artists inspire you to write and sing the songs you do?

Faydee: When I listen to artists I grew up with like Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Brandy, Biggie and Monica, I get very inspired and it reminds me of the kind of impact I want to make in this industry and to the world of music.

Sahar: Who or what inspired your latest EP, Legendary?

Faydee: My fans inspired me the most with this EP, because they reminded me of who I am and what kind of music I do. Travelling the world inspired me to write and record “Ya Linda” which is an English record, mixed with Spanish. Madonna also inspired that record for me.

Legendary was inspired by someone who has been there for me since even before I began my career, and have experienced amazing things together. I wanted to do a record that was sexy and powerful, that screams legendary. I also went back to my roots on this EP with a song called “Amari” which I incorporated Middle Eastern and Indian melodies. I also sing in Arabic on the record.

Sahar: Can we expect another song from you about bullying, like Unbreakable?

Faydee: Most definitely. Its been playing on my mind for a little bit now and I think its time soon.

Sahar: Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally?

Faydee: “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson and “La Isla Bonita” by Madonna.

Sahar: Which one of your songs is your favourite?

Faydee: Right now it would have to be “Legendary” and “Amari.”

Sahar: What is one thing you hope to achieve with your songs?

Faydee: I hope they will live forever with my fans. I hope they create moments that will make them forever remember the music.

Sahar: What’s it like working with other famous artists?

Faydee: Its cool. When they are down to earth and don’t have an ego trip its fun. But then they are bit ahead of themselves, its quite frustrating and uninspiring.

Sahar: Which artist/s do you wish to work with, if you already haven’t?

Faydee: I would love to work with Jeremiah, Ellie Goulding and Sean Paul.

Sahar: What do you usually start with when working on a new piece?

Faydee: Sometimes I begin with a concept and then begin writing over the beat, or I begin with the beat and write a melody. That then turns into lyrics.

Sahar: What can we expect from you within the next coming months?

Faydee: Lots of new music, touring and maybe even a movie, which is in the works right now!

Sahar: What are your fondest musical memories?

Faydee: One of them is when I still remember playing my music, that I recorded on my cheap broken microphone, on my computer back when I was 15 to my best friend. One of the songs was called “Insecure” and I always go back to that when I think of where I first started.

Sahar: What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Faydee: Learn to finish something you start and work really hard. Make sure you write your own music as well, that will help you tremendously. And the most important thing is to stay humble and remember where you came from.

Sahar: What is your favourite song, artist, and album at the moment?

Faydee: Favourite song at the moment: Faded by Alan Walker, Artist: Kiiara and Album: Justin Bieber, Purpose.