Juliette Arent & Sarah-Jane Pyke


I am SURE at least 95% of you would most definitely know of Sydney interior design darlings Juliette Arent & Sarah-Jane Pyke? … perhaps because these super talented ladies are so heavily featured in this month’s Real Living, I nearly fell of my seat with excitement!
This super stylish pair first came to my attention when Inside Out ran a beautiful story featuring Juliette’s STUNNING apartment. Totally my dream home! Arent & Pyke’s treatment of this fab Darling Point Apartment later won them a Best of State award for residential design in the 2009 Interior Design Awards – a huge achievement for this brilliant young design duo!
In the last few years A&P have also racked up lots of well-deserved press in magazines such as Belle and Home Beautiful.. there’s just something about their work that seems to capture the imagination! Juliette and Sarah-Jane’s projects have such unique personality and warmth about them – even their most polished homes are just so bright and friendly and inviting :
I am so excited to share some of Juliette and Sarah-Jane’s work and insights here… big thanks to them both for such thoughtful answers – and the priceless Sydney shopping tips!
Tell me a little about your backgrounds – what path originally led you both to interior design, and to setting up your business together?
SJP – Our fascination for interiors arose in a similar way. Coincidentally, for us both, it was the wallpaper in our bedrooms as children that sparked both our imaginations. The colour, textures and finding the repeat in the pattern.
JA – In addition to the wallpaper which consisted of snow white and the seven dwarves, all my joinery was painted glossy yellow enamel…..like seriously egg yolky cadmium yellow!! My bedroom scheme (thank you Dad) left a lasting impression, I am still obsessed with all things yellow.
How is your business structured? – ie do you employ any regular staff or contractors at Arent & Pyke, and which significant tasks do you outsource?
SJP – Both of us work together on all the projects, that way every client gets the best of the practice. We have one full time designer, Sophie, working with us as well as contract designers when we need them. We outsource our book keeping & business administration so we can concentrate on the fun stuff.
What has been one of you favourite projects so far?
Our first project, the Coogee Beach residence, is still a favourite of ours. The brief was clear, we were really happy with the results and the client has become a friend, which is a great outcome.


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