Mireille Dagher “A Designer with Magic Fingers”

Her interest in dressmaking started at the young age of sixteen, which is when Mireille Dagher’s exceptional talent was born.
After high school, and while she was continuing her studies in psychology, she was taking styling courses in Beirut. Once she got her diploma, she worked at different fashion houses.
In 2001, she finally achieved her adolescent dream and started her own business. This is where things started falling into place. She became one of the most well-known designer names.
She soon entered the big circle. Famous names in the Lebanese community and abroad attended her delightful shows which she held in meticulously chosen places in Lebanon such as Biel and others in the Middle East areas.
Since 2010 till present, she is constantly presenting shows in New York, Paris and Rome, gaining impetus with international media.
Also, Mireille Dagher has dressed many international celebrities like Paola Patton, Jeannie Mai, Gabrielle Union, Morena Baccarin, Shanola Hampton, Brooke Burke, and others.
Her talent, along with her ambition and her experience acquired in due form, have permit Mireille Dagher to forge her name in the history the contemporary fashion, a prominent name that we won’t easily forget.
Now that the blossom season is at the doors, weddings and celebrations are up ahead to.  Anoujoum spotted the light on Dagher’s Bridal collection for 2014/2015
M ireille Dagher founded and maintained her fashion house, the place where all the Haute Couture gowns are made and passed through her hands.
Driven by traditional, classic, luxurious design and style, Mireille Dagher’s collection holds impeccable customer appeal and reflects her vision to revive immortality.


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