Secret Sketch Crawl Of Sydney!

Anyone can draw! Seriously, we all draw as kids, and then, somewhere along the way, most of us give it up , probably due to the fact that we gain a general awareness that our artistic creations are, comparatively, not very good. But that’s mean and unfair – every person can express themselves through drawing, because perfection doesn’t matter if emotion and enjoyment are there!
Sydney Classie (team of talented people hosting unique group lessons in everything from creative digital technology to retro handicrafts in a variety of engaging and non-traditional environments) offers you the opportunity to regain your child-like confidence with the pencil while discovering some of Sydney’s hidden gems or looking at classic landmarks from an artist’s perspective.
This event involve an interactive tour revealing Sydney’s most inspiring sketching locations in a fun and engaging travelling drawing class for beginners up. It’s a masterclass that combines a traditional outdoor drawing class with a walking tour of Sydney. Every group will visit a handful of locations and have a drawing session in each place.
What you end up drawing is up to you, but each location is chosen for a particular reason – whether it’s a great opportunity for a wider landscape, a building with fascinating details to focus on, or a lesson in the technique of perspective. The sketch crawl also includes a stop at a sit-down venue which has been picked for its uniqueness, where you can try your hand at still life, observational drawing or portraits while enjoying a complimentary beverage.
Not to forget, no two sketch crawls are the same. Classie, constantly mix up locations in new combinations to offer each group a totally unique experience.
All materials and tools to use are provided, including various kinds of paper, drawing boards, pencils, charcoal and pastels.
The sketch crawl is open to all  zero experience is absolutely fine, but if you already consider yourself an artist-in training, you’re also welcome to join in and Classie instructor will help you get a bit more creative with some advanced tips and tricks. The upcoming Secret sketch crawl of Sydney open on the 5th of October, hurry up and book your spot.
“Our hopes and dreams will be fulfilled if a participant leave a Classie masterclass with all the basics needed to pursue their new favourite hobby in their own time” stated a group leader in Classie.


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