Sport that makes History …and History that remakes … SPORT!

Iam not a Sport fanatic! My understanding of sports is simply limited to football.  In our golden age football meant Arantes Pele, Diego Maradona and Brazil’s team, full stop.
One of our age-old debates in soccer was who the best player of all time is: Pele or Maradona?
Soccer NRL and AFL are too confusing for me, till now I am still confused between what we call football and what Australia calls soccer.
Yes, the memory of my daughter coming home one day wondering which Rugby League team we support…still vivid in my mind:  Hazem Al-Massri! I shouted.
After watching Brazil World cup intermittently … and watched over and over the TVs channels replaying Tim Cahill’s stunning World Cup goal against the Netherlands that has received global applause including praise from the biggest names in football … I was mesmerised by that heroic moment that will be forever replayed when highlights of this World Cup, and of Australia’s World Cup odyssey down the decades, are put together..
Cahill’s goal for the ages was something completely different for its precision, pace and power… it was simply awesome, crashing into the net…
What success is after all about?
Isn’t History all about these moments? Moments that history will re-play over and over.
The rest is only an ordinary day that awaits its glory!
Our gold age times back in Lebanon and our times here in migration, down under, still looking forward this historical moment when the planets align, the circumstances combine and the situation demands an extraordinary response and the ball will crash into that net and prompt a standing ovation…
Let the clock ticks and the game begins…. both Pele and Maradona grew up in poverty and yet both made History, History that will always re-play their heroic sportsmanship.
In total honesty I think we still lack precision, pace and Power.

“We’ve got to be brave, and we’ve got to be ready to work. We’ve got to have that no-fear attitude that we aren’t there to make up the numbers, we are there on merit. We’ve earned that right.
{” Tim Cahill FIFA 2014}
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