About us

Anoujoum magazine is filled with cultural, social, lifestyle and celebrity news to keep us entertained. Published since 1997,it is the first bilingual magazine accommodating Australian Arab readers of all generations.

Anoujoum covers many topics that are tailored to the interests of family including: Health, Beauty, Travel, Shopping, Fashion, Home, Employment, Further Education, Business, Dining, Entertainment for the family, TV shows, Interviews and much more.

Several times Anoujoum has addressed hot issues and challenges that face nowadays the young generation in our modern- high speed – society and where expressing their concerns about modern time values V/S family traditions in our fast moving world has been highlighted in their own words.

Additionally ANOUJOUM addresses the Young achievers in the high school  certificates and Universities and dedicate a whole Page to their thoughts and expectations in a Private section entitled :” Get 2 Talk “. High schools students from across Sydney have contributed and have attracted a wide range of readers from different age groups including parents and professional educators