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BTS’ ‘Butter’ extends No. 1 streak on Billboard Hot 100 to 4 straight weeks

BTS’ latest megahit dance-pop song “Butter” retained the No. 1 position on the Billboard’s main albums chart for a record fourth consecutive week. “”Butter” is officially No. 1 on this week’s #Hot100 chart for a fourth consecutive week. It becomes ...

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DJ Khaled on ‘Growing Up’ in Miami, His Early Struggles and the Song That Changed His Life

By: Denise Warner From his early years in Miami to becoming one of the biggest producers in music, DJ Khaled has quite the story to tell. Khaled, who just released his 12th studio album Khaled, Khaled, sat with Billboard for “Growing Up,” where he details his ...

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Start recording like a pro with the help of these 6 tips

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