5Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy in the Winter!


Staying fit and healthy in the winter can be tough. The weather gets colder, the cold and flu starts going around, it gets darker earlier and it can be more challenging to stay motivated. Fortunately, there are different things that you can do to overcome these challenges. In this article, we will talk about 5 things that you can do to stay fit and healthy during the winter!

Boost your vitamin C

This is very important because we all know that winter generally comes with the flu and other types of colds. Getting enough vitamin C is proven to reduce the risk of getting sick as well as shortening the duration of a cold! Vitamin C is also great for boosting and maintaining a strong immune system which is what you will definitely need in the winter, so get out there and start taking vitamin C!


Set a winter fitness goal

In order to stay fit and healthy for the winter, it’s also a good idea to set a winter goal. That way, you will have something to track and work towards by the summer. Remember, goal setting helps you stay accountable and on track, especially if you share you goals with others and use some form of a tracking system to monitor your progress.

Find a winter sport to stay active

Although it may be hard to get yourself to go outside in the winter, you should make the most of it for when you do. Winter offers tons of activities that are fun, exciting and will keep you active. If you decide to pick up an activity or sport that involves being in groups, it’s even better! This will keep you motivated, provide friendly competition and allow you to meet new, like minded people which can help to expand your social network. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Exercise (at the right time)

Exercising is an obvious one as the health benefits are endless, but in the winter it is important to exercise at the right time. The best times to exercise are right before or after work. The reason for this is because it’s much harder to leave your cozy home once you’re in it after being outside. Doing this will not only allow you to get your workouts in, but also will get you on a routine which will increase your chances of success of staying on a program and hitting your goals.

Nutrition is key!

With the winter holidays it’s very easy to over indulge in foods, sweets and alcohol. While this is OK in moderate amounts, winter celebrations make it a bit more challenging. It’s important to moderate these temptations and eat more lean proteins, leafy greens and good sources of fats. By combining proper nutrition as well as staying active, you will be feeling great this winter!

There you have it! 5 tips to stay fit and healthy during winter. Keep working on these and you’ll be able to tackle any winter year that comes your way! Just remember, as important as it is to hit or maintain health and fitness goals, it is also important to have fun with them.
Stay fit, stay happy and stay beautiful. Good luck everyone!

James Somers is the founder of Elation Nation in Canada. He runs a fitness training business and has recently started a blog about fitness, nutrition, exercise tips, workouts and keeping motivated. If you have any questions for James, feel free to tweet him @elationnation1 and check out his website on www.elationnation.ca  or his blog at www.elationnationblog.com .