Perhaps Pierre Karam’s inspiration to become an international boxer stemmed from his father’s tenacity – his father’s guidance and training has certainly been his backbone. As an amateur boxer Pierre went through the strenuous and strict training regimes set down by his father, Jamil.
Jamil, himself a Greco Roman wrestler and boxer, had always maintained his fitness after migrating from Lebanon to Australia thus encouraging Pierre from a very young age. Pierre did not need much encouragement, only discipline.

In defence of the critics that say boxing is so dangerous (especially head and face injuries) Pierre said all contact sports such as rugby; footy, car racing, motorbike racing, were just as injury prone. Broken bones are a part of the game!

Pierre went on to say that when he is preparing to be lean and mean, he must diet. Diet you might ask and he will tell you he experiences mood swings and light headedness as he must go without the food of the Lebanese cuisine that he loves and of course he is an avid fan of “junk food”. However, Pierre explained that there are 12 weight divisions that boxers must weigh in at, therefore the right weight for the correct weight division is vital when preparing for a match. Exercise, jogging and diet all run hand in hand and boxers must be extremely self-disciplined.

His three sisters are very supportive of his passion for boxing and like Pierre, were born in Melbourne. Their parents are from Jernaya, in the south of Lebanon.

Thomas Hitman Hearns is Pierre’s ultimate hero in the sporting world. A man whose style Pierre admires, tries to copy and who has also taught him a lot about technique. Pierre also mentioned Lionel Rose who he says he knew very well and said he was a great man and a great fighter. Jeff Fenech was Pierre’s first trainer as a pro with Ray Giles. Unfortunately, when Pierre was a super middle weight he challenged Mundane on numerous occasions to enter the boxing ring, as his opponent, but Mundane refused. Whilst living in the UK and USA, Pierre met many celebrities and famous sporting personalities. Just to name a few he remarked he had brushed shoulders (so to speak) with Billy Crystal, Eminem, D12 and Obey Trice. He was always homesick for his family and Australia. Although there was a lot of hard training and fights, exciting places to see, magical people to meet, he knew he would always call Australia home.

When the opportunity arises Pierre will always speak in favour of and encourage children to take up the sport of boxing.

He believes boxing is good for their general well being, teaches them discipline and  that all children should learn some form of self-defence.

So would Pierre Karam like to do some other form of vocation apart from boxing? He replied that when he is completely done with boxing he will be open to new ventures as he knows there is always a life after boxing.

So get yourselves ready for another big boxing match in Australia on the 28th January 2013 and watch out for that arms length at the end of the punch!


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