Can you believe it is already August?

Can you believe it is already August? Just the other day we were celebrating New Years. It’s unbelievable how time is flying. However, a reminder to not forget to acknowledge the blessings in your life. Time is just a figment and we can’t let it control us.

This month we bring you the beautiful Blake Lively, wife of Ryan Reynolds who was on the cover last month. Check out what she’s been up to!

We also bring you the latest and fashion update for the winter months (finally!), so be sure to check them out and look stylish before we give you the best Spring clothing.

If you want a taste of History, then look no further than Germany, which is filled with lots of History. A gorgeous and breathtaking country and one must visit when they have the chance to understand what I mean.

This month we mixed it up a bit with some fitness tips for the final month of winter, as well as some beauty products which will help you look after your skin during these cold months.

And finally, as usual, we bring you the latest celebrity goss from Hollywood.
Until next time 🙂

Sahar Mourad