Editor’s note

Welcome to the month of October lovely readers!

We have officially reached that time of the year where it is almost over and we’re all just waiting for summer, Christmas, and more importantly the holidays.
Now I don’t know about you but I am already counting down the days till my holiday!

This month we have the beautiful Emma Watson on the cover. We look at her past and growing up in front of the camera, as well as how she has become a role model for so many people around the world.

This month we bring you the latest Spring Fashion accessories. You will have heads turning with these!

We also have five of the scariest movies ready for you and your family on Halloween. Just a heads, it’s probably best to watch them with a pillow at the ready.

Have you been thinking of going on holiday? Well look no further than the travel section as we take you to Italy! Definitely one of the places everyone should visit in their lifetime.

Finally, check out the latest Hollywood goss and some hot looks from the VMAs.