Editor’s note

Sahar Mourad

Hello and welcome to the February issue of Anoujoum! I hope you all had a wonderful break over Christmas and New Year.

This New Year I did not make any resolutions, because I don’t believe one needs to wait for the beginning of the New Year to make one. Any day can be the beginning of a new year for you to start your resolution, just make sure you surround yourself with those who will constantly support you in no matter what you choose to do.

There will be many new exciting interviews coming to you this year from Anoujoum, and I hope you amazing and faithful readers enjoy them.

This month we bring you Zac Efron as the cover story. He has been on our TVs for many years and continues to bless our screens and seduce us with his blue eyes. Check out what he’s up to!
We also bring you an exclusive interview with Makeup SFX YouTube Artist, Bonnie Corban. For someone who is only 21 years old, this is an interview you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

We also bring you the best books to read this month, whether it’s for the kids who want to take a break from their studies, or for you, if you’re looking for an escape. These top 5 books are bound to relax you.
I know we just got back from holidays but I think everyone should take a break whenever they want. Unfortunately we are unable to do that, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start looking from now. We bring you Italy Travel Destinations Part II this month, which include lots of the ancient and historic sites in the beautiful and breathtaking Italy.

It is great to be back and deliver you monthly articles, and I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we did here.
Until next month, take it easy!