Editor’s note

ِEnglish Editor/ Sahar Mourad

It is not every day you get to interview famous people and winners of competitions your workplace holds. September has truly been an eventful month which always helps making the October issue of the magazine that tiny bit better!
This month we bring you Maya Nassar, Lebanon’s first ever government endorsed fitness bikini bodybuilding competitor in Lebanese/Arab history!
Also, meet the winner of the first ever Najm of Najm Anoujoum 2016 competition, Damien Haifa, and what to expect from him within the following months.

Ever felt like travelling to the Philippines but have no idea where to go?
Fear not, as we bring you the best places to visit in the beautiful Philippines.
If you’re looking for an escape from reality, we bring you four of the latest books that will definitely help you forget about things for a while.
As usual we bring you the latest fashion clothing to look good whenever and wherever in spring. While you’re at it, check out the latest Hollywood update.
I hope you all have a wonderful month  .