Editor’s note

English Editor / Dalida Iskandar Meake

am happy to be part of this team at elnoujoum magazine

Previously my experiences in journalism was of the Arabic and French language. However, I am excited to introduce my profession into the English speaking world. This is a new challenge in my journalism career as I extend and expand into new areas of the Media Press. Through my writing, the most important point I would like to bring to your attention, is the amazing Lebanese talent we have across all areas in life.  This will be my main focus and a passion I have. I believe the Lebanese people impact societies thinking of our culture. Through exposing all the Lebanese talent, it gives an understanding of the intelligent society we possess and highlights our strengths, unique qualities and skills. Generally I hope to spread this message for the realisation to many that Lebanon is not all about war. Lebanon is not all about weapons. Lebanon is not about terrorism. Lebanon is about culture. Lebanon is about the Arts. Lebanon is about beauty. Lebanon is a slice of heaven.

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