Embracing Winter

In poetry, winter is often used as a metaphor for death and endings, but here at Anoujoum magazine headquarters we have decided to see this dreaded season differently.

In changing our perceptions of winter, we look at it opportunistically.  For us, winter is about spending more time indoors with loved ones, catching up on our favourite movies or grabbing our preferred warm beverage and a great book to enjoy by the warmth of a fireplace. Winter is a time to escape and our preferred way to escape is through the arts.

In this June edition, we hope you use this mag as a portal into your personal winter wonderland. Relax and unwind as you read our exclusive interview with Australian Lebanese actor Ronny Jon-Paul Mouawad, discover our winter fashion tips, including on-trend accessories and get the low-down on the best winter reads.

Winter is upon us. There is no way out, so bring the good times in. Join us in seeing winter as a time to discover warmth, to devour life’s delights – fashion, fine food and good literature.