Fiction to dive into this month

Our Tiny Useless Hearts
by Toni Jordan

This story rotates around the fragility of relationships between husband and wife, neighbours, and siblings. Henry has decided to end his marriage to his wife Caroline and live with Mercedes, who is a grade three teacher. Caroline is in absolute shambles and has gone after them to make sense of the situation. Nosey next door neighbours Craig and Lesley, drop in to catch up on the latest drama between Henry and Caroline. Caroline’s sister, Janice, going through her own divorce from Alec, has decided to stay over the weekend and look after the girls and going to with life. However, when Craig returns home, he finds Janice in Caroline’s bed. Leslie catches the pair, and verbally assaults them with a handful of threats. Janice who has had her fair share can manage herself, but when her ex-husband comes back into her life, things become just a little more complicated.

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