Fiction to dive into this month

Our Tiny Useless Hearts – by Toni Jordan

This story rotates around the fragility of relationships between husband and wife, neighbours, and siblings. Henry has decided to end his marriage to his wife Caroline, and live with Mercedes, who is a grade three teacher. Caroline is in absolute shambles and has gone after them to make sense of the situation. Nosey next door neighbours Craig and Lesley, drop in to catch up on the latest drama between Henry and Caroline. Caroline’s sister, Janice, going through her own divorce from Alec, has decided to stay over for the weekend. However, when Craig returns home, he finds Janice in Caroline’s bed. Leslie catches the pair, and verbally assaults them with a handful of threats. Janice who has had her fair share can manage herself, but when her ex-husband comes back into her life, things become just a little more complicated.   

Eligible – by Curtis Sittenfeld

After spending quite a bit of time in New York City, Liz and Jane head back home to live with their mother and father in Cincinnati which is a far cry from the big city life. Both Liz and Jane are in their thirties and successful, but that does not stop their mother berating them for their single status. Things start to change when the family BBQ gives them an opportunity to meet some eligible men. Chip is not only a doctor, but he’s also a reality TV star and his friend Fitzwilliam is a proud neurosurgeon and he is not too fond of Cincinnati. Jane is courted and dazzled by Chip and Liz is quite sceptical of Fitzwilliam. The course of love is enigmatic and pretty entertaining in the strangest of ways.

The Course of Love – by Alain de Botton

Love in the modern age, is not what it used to be. What exactly does it mean to fall in love and live happily ever after? When two people meet, friends often ask the question, ‘How did you meet?’ This is the case with Rabih and Kirsten when they first meet. They respond with ease and are often happy to tell the story. However, no ones bothers to ask ‘What happened next?’. When Rabih and Kristen fall in love, they get married and it is assumed that is the happily ever after, when in fact it is just the beginning. This story explores the story of marriage, a modern relationship with the joys of love, fear of real commitment and the issue of problems which eventually begin to surface over a life time.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven – by Chris Cleave

Mary North is a dedicated patriot, and when war is declared she makes the informed decision to forego school and instead sign up at the War Office and offer her services to the country. On the other hand, Tom Shaw decides he would rather not enlist, that is until his flatmate, Alistair, unexpectedly decides to enlist. During her service to her country, Mary proves that she is a great spy. She is suddenly made into a teacher and finds herself confronting prejudice to protect children. When Tom and Alistair meet Mary, Tom is willing to do anything for her and Alistair falls in love with her. The story goes with their love for one another is tested during war particularly while they are surrounded by violence. Passion, friendship and deception also play a major role in shaping their hopes and dreams.