How to make macaroni with bashamel

by Majida Khalaf

-500 grams of sliced pasta
-3 tablespoons flour
– Text of a liter of milk
-1 tbsp margarine or butter
-250 grams minced meat (prepared as dough)
-2 tablespoons grated cheese

To make bachamel
– heat the ghee in a vessel on fire,
– Add flour and stir for 2 minutes
– Add the milk gradually, stirring constantly Until the consistency of the mixture
– To make the Minced meat with onion for bashamel:
– Fry a large onion and set it on fire with a little bit of corn oil.
– Topping the onion, add chopped meat and stir
– Until the Stirring is cooked

The final step
– Heat the oven.
– Prepare the macaroni according to the packaging instructions.
– place half the noodles in a bowl In an oven tray,.
– Put the cooked stirring on it.
– Put the rest of the pasta and cover with bacheamel, And the sliced cheese on it.
– Put in oven for 30 minutes.
Then Eat it as hot.

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