How to Make the Diet Work

Do you want to lose some weight and actually keep as thin and healthy as you can? Are you tired of starting terrible diets and never getting the result you hoped for? Well here are some tips to make the diet work and actually keep sexy and healthy.

• Never call it a diet again. You have to forget that word if you really want to enjoy your new eating style and actually make it work. For now on you will talk about it as your healthy eating plan. This way you will remind yourself every time that it is not just about getting sexier but getting healthier.

• Make it real, do not starve. Really, don’t. If you really want to make it work you need to know that no one can live just from water or fruits. You have to eat, and when I say eat I mean really eat, but of course I’m not saying you should go out now and eat three pounds of ice-cream. Here are some things that you should have in your healthy eating plan:
• Protein: Eat meat, chicken or pig. If you are a vegetarian there is always another kind of food that can give you the protein you need, like gluten for example. This kind of food is perfect for lunch time, but if you want to add some protein to you breakfast, you can have in mind some other types of food that are rich in proteins like milk.

• Fruit: You can always have some fruit at breakfast or mid-morning. They will give you some extra energy and they taste really nice and sweet.
• Eat small portions. You can keep on eating; you only have to reduce the quantity of food you regularly eat. Try not to exceed your consume. Remember, we eat so we can keep on living, food is like gas to our bodies, so you don’t have to eat every-time you feel bored or every time you get anxious.

• Indulge yourself. As a reward for your good behavior with your new eating plan, you can eat, once a week, something that you really love but you know is not quite healthy. So, save a day in the week to eat whatever you like, and enjoy it, knowing that I won´t ruing your figure or your health.

• Keep a photo track. This way you will see how you are doing with your new eating plan. Maybe you can also have a book with your measurements, so you make sure you are doing it right and you actually keep motivated, because you are seeing results.
• Work out. This is the best way to make your new eating plan show its results sooner. If you work out you will be helping your body to get rid of those toxins that body doesn’t really need.
• You don’t need to join a gym or spend all morning doing exercises. You can dedicate only 30 minutes of your day to jog.

Enjoy your new eating style. Think positive, remember you won´t be giving up all your favorite food, but you will be a little bit more organized about the way you eat. Keep in mind that if you stick to your new eating style you will be healthier without forgetting about all those wonderful things you like to eat.

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