Italy II Travel Destination

By: Maha Mourad

If you are looking to travel but would like a taste of the history, then Italy is the place to be and this month’s edition focuses on just that! Italy happens to be one of the best places for tourists to get up close and personal to sites dating back to 79 AD!

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is one of the oldest well preserved structures of the Roman Empire. Dating back to over two millennia as a result of the magnificent architecture during the time period, makes it the most complete piece of ancient Roman history. The Pantheon was used to bury influential people such as Kings, Queens and other important citizens in Italy. Not only is the Pantheon well known for its architecture, it is a symbol of Cultural Revolution as it was the first temple built for common people.


The Roman town of Pompeii, located at the foot of the active volcano, Mt Vesuvius, was covered by six meters of molten ash, lava and pumice stone in AD 79 when the volcano erupted. As a result of the eruption, the entire town was preserved, requiring excavations which started in 1748, revealing the remains of most of the town’s houses, markets, temples, baths, theaters, streetscapes…even human remains! As a result of this preservation, tourists and locals are able to experience the lives which Romans had over 2000 years ago!

St Mark’s Basilica

Located in Venice, is St Mark’s Basilica which is claimed to be the most important and visited tourist site in the city. This cathedral contains a variety of treasured artworks, not to mention that the building alone is a piece of art that has a mixture of several architectural styles! While wondering around Venice to St Mark’s Basilica, you will find yourself first attracted to Piazza San Marco, the famous square in front of the basilica, giving you breathtaking views of the main west facing façade.