Kadem Al Saher & Mohammad Abdo “The Secret of My Happiness”

A new song launched by Kadem Al Saher and Mohammad Abdo together!

We love them individually. They’re pretty much two of the region’s most talented performers, and now Iraqi singer Kadem Al Saher and Saudi singer Mohammad Abdo have united their dynamic voices into a magical duet titled “Sir Sa’adati” (The Secret of My Happiness).

The song is a masterpiece written by young poet Sultan Majli, composed by UAE composer Khaled Naser and distributed by musician Walid Fayed.

What makes this singing union so utterly legit is that Kadem and Mohammad were actually at odds for years over some drama that began when Kadem turned down a proposal to sing one of Mohammad’s compositions at the annual music festival Al Jandriyah. Some heated words were passed between them, and they were not huge fans of each other for the longest time. That’s all water under the bridge now, and we’re the grateful benefactors of the reconciliation.

With both artists bringing their own massive fans bases into this project, the song will no doubt be a huge success


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