Kendrick in the House

By: Sahar Mourad

Anna Kendrick is a household name and one of Hollywood’s best actresses. Kendrick is one of those likeable actresses no matter what she does.

Kendrick became well known for her role in the Twilight series. Since then, Kendrick has acted in many movies, comedies, dramas, musicals and continues to be expand her fan base and is a favourite amongst young adults all over the world.

One of Kendrick’s greatest roles is in Pitch Perfect which includes lots of singing for the actress. It’s not every day you find a well-known actress with an extra skill such as singing. However, Kendrick said that she will never turn to singing and that acting is more of her thing.

“To be honest, I have been offered that opportunity in a couple different ways and it’s just not for me,” she tells ABC News Radio. “I just wanna get my brain around navigating the movie industry. The music industry is so terrifying to me, I just could not do it. It’s not for me.”

Even though singing is not what she wants to do, we are lucky enough to witness her singing. Kendrick has many films due to come out this year, so be on a lookout for them!


Here are top 10 facts about Anna Kendrick:

  1. Her career began when she was only 10 years old.
  2. She has had the same manager since she was 10 years old, Kim Matuka.
  3. Her first big film was 2008’s “Twilight.”
  4. At 24, Kendrick was nominated for an Oscar.
  5. Was the third-youngest person ever nominated for a Tony Award.
  6. Won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance for her onscreen debut in the film “Camp.”
  7. Earned a Tony Award nomination for her performance in “High Society” as Dinah Lord.
  8. Her performance in “Up in the Air” also earned her a Golden Globe nomination.
  9. She is a massive fan of Beyoncé.
  10. Her song from the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.