Latest must read thrillers to get your hands on

The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison

Jodi is living the ultimate life. She has a beautiful waterfront house, a steady job she is passionate about and enough money to continue living comfortably for the rest of her life. She also has the ideal husband. Or so she thought. Jodi discovers her marriage is on the brink of a breakdown. Her husband, Todd, is a committed cheater. Despite all the signs, Jodi lives in denial, yet she decides to get even and settle scores. While she has nothing to lose, Jodi commits a terrible crime. With the crime come the consequences. A destroyed marriage and friendships are the only beginning of Jodi’s misfortune because she will have to live the rest of her life with a terrible guilt that eats away at her.

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

Heidi Wood has a heart full of gold. She dedicates her time to charity, works for a non-profit organisation and takes in the occasional stray cat. No act of kindness is too small for her.  One day, to her husband and daughter’s dismay, Heidi brings home a teenage girl, Willow, with her four-month baby. Against her family’s wishes, Heidi insists Willow and the baby stay in their home. Heidi does everything she could to help Willow resume some normalcy in her life. However, Willow’s past begins to surface and Heidi questions how far she is willing to help a stranger.

The Midnight Watch by David Dyer

The Midnight Watch is based on a true story of the SS Californian, a ship that saw the rocket signals of distress of the Titanic yet did nothing to aid the Titanic. Set in a cold wintery night in the North Atlantic, the men who stood on midnight duty on the Californian ignored the calls of help from the Titanic while watching it sink. American reporter, John Steadman tries to investigate this issue which is of great concern to him. How could three men who had a duty let the lives of fifteen hundred people end so bleakly? Determined to find out the truth, John know there is a hidden truth behind the faces of these men. What is their secret? What did they see that caused them to not act? John struggles to find the answers to these questions.

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

Twenty years after the events that occurred in To Kill a Mockingbird, Go Set a Watchman is set in the mid-1950s and features the same much loved characters. Jean Louise Finch, also known as Scout, has returned to Maycomb, Alabama from New York to visit her aging father Atticus. Scout comes to confront her feelings about the place where she was born and grew up in and also attempts to understand both the political, social and personal issues that have weaved their way into her father’s attitude towards society.