Majida El Roumi Hourriye (Freedom)

By Patricia Hashem – Beirut

Who said that the legend Majida can keep quiet among all the injustice and in-humanitarian scenes that are targeting our Arab countries with no exceptions?
It just can’t happen.

If injustice win a round
Freedom is our people destiny
Translated from Arabic to English this is Majida El Roumi 2014 hit that lighted up the atmosphere in Beit eddine Festivals and absolutely dominating all the heard read and seen media for what it holds between its lyrics from hope, power and faith in tomorrow and better days to come.
You never know what is next with Majida El Roumi; she is a burning flame promising of more light. She has big dreams, for her country, her family and herself. Majida El Roumi has conquered a leading place in the Arabic song. For so many, she has become a symbol and idol. Whether she is a diva, or elected as the ‘Voice of Love’ or ‘Singer of the Arab conscience, Majida remains a simple human, a caring mother and a true friend.
This year a new partnership was declared between Majida El Roumi and the company Bvlgari, more specifically the world organization “Save the Children” established in 1995.
This is not new to a bountiful woman filled with exceptional love if was distributed to the world we would be living today in peace Ambassador for the humanitarian a title befitting a woman culminating in all Arabic peoples Ambassador for love for a long time.
Majida was and will always be the best Ambassador of hope which is set off to serve the children tormented in the Arab world and embrace their innocent childhood
In the beginning of this humanitarian event, was the story of a girl named Hannin. She is 6 years old from a family of seven, lost her father and her brother in the displacement and found herself in a tent in a refugee camp in Jordan. After 46 days, Hannin approached one of the journalist and without even talking asked for help.
For these children Bvlgari is offering its hand to engage individuals and organisations around the world to build safe space for them in Jordan and everywhere. And with all pride they announced Magida El Roumi as their first Ambassador in the Middle East, and thanked her for her initiative and to give time to film the announcement in Madrid for two days.  For her part Majida is trying through this global platform and this universal institution expressing the thousands living in the East, saying:

“I believe that every good work is an urgent need.
“I can make a difference in making good. I thank the trust “Bvlgari” has in me especially in this world involved with these tragedies, but I feel this is the greatest game of all time.” El Roumi

Majida spoke also of the possibility of issuing a second album for children as she revealed working on several projects of a humanitarian nature including a visit to the refugee camp “Zaatari” planned for October 19.

The voice of Love as many calls her, refused gifts from Bvlgari.

“We are here to make something for the suffering children and maybe I work a lot and may not work or may work something symbolic, but I am going on this project to the end.”
The voice of evil is overwhelming in the Arab world and there are a lot of people praying
And all that has nothing to do with religion.


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