Milano Food Traders Competition

Anoujoum would like to congratulate the winners of the Milano Food Traders competition. Congratulations Yerna Boustani and Rosette Boustani for sending in recipes to delicious foods!

 Sent in by Yerna Boustani

Bulgar Coarse with Baby Prawns


¼ cup of vegetable oil
1 onion
1 tomato
Half a cup of peas
¼ teaspoon of pepper
¼ teaspoon of zero knots
¼ teaspoon of cumin
½ teaspoon of salt
12 baby prawns
3 cups of bulgur coarse
6 cups of water


1.In a large pot, pour the vegetable oil, add a chopped onion and a chopped tomato, stir for 2 minutes.
2.Add peas, and stir for a few minutes.
3.Add all the spices and continue to stir.
4.Add baby prawns, stir and continue to add 3 cups of bulgur coarse.
5.Pour water above all the ingredients in the pot.
6.Leave stove on low for approximately 15 minutes or until the bulgur is cooked.
7.Once it is cooked, empty the meal into a deep bowl and tip it into a flat bowl to serve.