MTV Pays Tribute to Sabah The Legendary Lebanese Singer

The legendary Lebanese singer Sabah stood confused in front of her wardrobe, wondering what to wear to receive guests who came from all across Lebanon and abroad to attend the ceremony held by MTV in her honour.
Sabah appeared on TV to announce once again that she is still standing the test of time as “the forever young artist.”
The diva met her colleagues, long-time friends and family members, who were all invited by MTV to partake in an unprecedented show that was hosted by Rima Njeim on Friday at 8:45 pm.
Leila Rustom, Doreid Laham, Romeo Lahoud ,Elie Shoueiri, Elias Rahbani, Walid Toufic, Ghassan Saliba, William Khoury have all gathered to pay tribute to the iconic Lebanese singer.
Family members living in Lebanon and abroad, including her daughter Houwaida, were all there to honour their beloved kin.
So Friday was the D-Day that Sabah was impatiently waiting for.
“I am delighted,” Sabah shouted when informed about the guests.
The episode of “Lebanon honouring Sabah” was full of surprises prepared by the production staff that exerted optimal efforts so as to bestow honour upon the renowned artist.
It is worth noting that the episode has also hosted guests who have appeared in videos while others have performed Sabah’s famed songs.
Not only Sabah was honoured on Friday, but all of us.
Needless to highlight once more that Sabah’s history will be recalled with all the ups and downs that she had experienced.


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