Nicole Saba Seen twice on TV this Ramadan!

The Lebanese beauty Nicole Saba is teaming up with Egyptian actor Hani Salama in the upcoming TV drama “Qismati Wa Naseebi” (My Fate) for Ramadan 2015.

Nicole will only be appearing in three episodes in “My Fate,” But the busy bee is preparing to participate in a second TV series during the Holy month where she will star alongside Egyptian heartthrob Sherif Mounir in “Alf Leila Wa Leila” (A Thousand and One Nights).

That’s double the acting for Nicole those coming few months. But, Nicole’s been working her booty off to keep up with her scenes, judging by the behind-the-scenes pix she’s been sharing with her fans!

This is Nicole’s first time starring in two dramas in one month. Last year, Nicole and Egyptian singer-actor Tamer Hosny proved highly popular with their successful Ramadan TV series “Farq Tawqeet” (Difference in Timing).


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