By Naomi Rahi
Finally we’re going; we’re leaving to the most wonderful destination in the world. It’s that time of the year again, that time when everything is so cold and arctic but you forget all that, for that extravagant week or so ahead, at the snow. It’s so chilly and we’re all up at 1am, for our 5 hours’ drive, although the cold is making us all shiver uncontrollably, we all manage to bear through the brisk as the only thought on our restless minds is the SNOW.
We all take the liberty of loading up and organising all our gear and suitcases into the back of the Ute. I could even hear the loud excitement of the kids through their sleep as I turn around in the Ute to check up on them .they are all wearing priceless and precious smiles on their faces. They look so adorable and cute all wrapped up with their snow gears on.
Each year we plan to get away together on a much loved family holiday to Perisher Blue, in the Australian Snowy Mountains, with my sister’s family as well. The kids look so forward to spending time together and they always brag and get really enthusiastic about spending time with their fathers who are hard working men. We always hire a self-contained house to fit in all the loud joy and noise of the 12 of us and sometimes 13 as my brother also joins us whom our kids adore and always seem to listen to his advice as he is also taking his time out to spend with them.
Everything about our ski holiday is joyful .it never seems long enough and not one minute goes  by that it’s not filled in with activities and still the kids are never too tired at night to share in loudly and excitedly their daily adventures. Once we are on the beautiful peaceful white snowy mountains, we all break into groups which forever seem to be rotating.
You might think I am over exaggerating but we are literally happy 24 hrs of the day even when we’re sleeping and snoring our tiredness away. I would have to put it to everyone giving in their time 100% to one another and nobody feels left out .also the scenery is breathtaking and the atmosphere is so fresh and relaxing but trust me skiing and snowboarding are exhilarating hard work but for some good reason it clears all our stressful lives away..
Funnily enough even after we spend the whole day trekking the mountains , we still have energy to make dinner at home which always turns out extra delicious especially when we are all sitting down eating and laughing at the same time.
I wouldn’t swap my quality time skiing with my family for anything in the world. It is just so perfect and creates so much family memories that will be carried in our hearts for a lifetime!


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