Sherine Abdel-Wahab 2014 Album “Ana Kitheer”

While it’s too soon for the summer heat yet you can rest assured that Sherine is turning up the heat with the release of her self-produced album. This is an album that rocks, in terms of perfect lyricists is wrapped in sweet music delivred in a perfect manner by Sherine.
See, there are songs that you only like because you like the artist recording and releasing them, and there are those songs, that even if you dislike the artist, you still appreciate, enjoy and secretly love. The Sherine 2014 album is the latter. “Ana Akthar”
You get 12 tracks, we already have heard about four of these songs released in singles, each one of the singles is a rare emotional experience paired with a nice beat. Sherine Abdel-Wahab left Rotana and made this album on her dime, and frankly she made it so much harder to pick winners among the tracks. Also this is more songs than her last two previous albums with Rotana.
The amazing thing about Sherine is that she is not a little girl, she is a business, but the way she sings tells you that she never repeats herself. The way she manipulates her voice is not something you see everyday….there are good singers who always sound the same as they do not try to hit the high and low notes, they sing like they would read a newspaper. Sherine does not do that….she is all over the place when it comes to voice range and emotional map.
Yes, this is a dance album with some awesome funky fresh music.


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