The Products you need to care for your skin naturally

Winter is hard, cold and bitter. But it’s also a time for recuperation, for hibernation and for contemplation for many living things on this beautiful planet of ours and really, our skins should be no different.
Just because you can’t feel the sun, doesn’t mean it’s not there …

This is why it is very important you have a natural skin care routine that protects your skin throughout the colder months.

Keeping the moisture in your skin is very important as the weather takes a turn for the cold. This is particularly important for those of us who live in dry winter areas where chapping, redness and soreness is an (unhappy) everyday affair. There are many natural, organic options out there that will make sure that your skin is hydrated throughout the day and night without adding chemicals and other unnatural substances that may overload your skin. Look for companies that understand the different needs your skin has in the morning and night time. A day cream should be lightweight so you don’t sweat during your daily activities which can often promote pimples and acne but should also add a protective layer to your skin under the sun (remember, just because the weather is cooler, doesn’t mean you can slacken on your UV protection routine). A night cream on the other hand, should intensively moisturise your skin while your body is resting to ensure that you’re not only ready for the next day ahead but also so you can work on keeping your wrinkles at bay while prolonging the elastic suppleness of your skin to keep it more youthful.

A suitable body lotion should be absorbed by your skin quickly and efficiently but without evaporating immediately after use. This will ensure that your skin stays moisturised without resulting in that sticky, icky feeling for the rest of the day. Besides, you don’t want to ruin that 300 dollar dress you just bought yourself!

Cold days also mean cracked heels, which is a big No-No for all of us, right? Who else hates that prickly, rough feeling against your leg while you’re sleeping at night? I know I do. Try some delectable, luscious body butters to solve the problem. Body butters tend to be much richer and thicker in texture which is perfect for attacking rough soles. A word of warning though, it’s best to use at night just before you sleep so no oily residue gets left inside your favourite pair of shoes. If you’re worried about destroying your silk sheets, try wearing some socks immediately after use. You won’t just ensure that your sheets stay mark free; you’ll also speed up the results and will soon be on your way to feet that are smoother than a baby’s bottom!