Youth Achievements Swimming is now serious business!

On Friday the 13th of February, Elizabeth Macarthur High School had their annual Swimming Carnival at Camden War Memorial Pools. Many young swimmers competed to represent their school in the Zone Swimming competition but just one student shone.

Martin Sedra, Yr 11 participated in the 50 metre freestyle race, the 50 metre breaststroke race and the students’ vs teachers freestyle relay.

Martin has demonstrated exceptional swimming skills coming first in the 50 metre freestyle race at 31 seconds & also coming first in the 50 metre breaststroke race at 37 seconds!

Martin has also given the students victory over the teachers in the final relay. He will now be competing against other Schools in the Zone Swimming Carnival.

Also, Martina Sedra has been competing in swimming activities since the age of 5; she was swimming in events and competitions in Egypt and then shifted to Australia and enrolled for swimming competitions both in school and for her club. She is now 17 years old and still doing what she first started.

She’s came first in many different races and in many different strokes, she has made it into Fishers Zone , Regionals and might be heading off to state this year in late April.

Congratulations to Martin and Martina wishing you the best of luck in further achievements!


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