8 Celebrities Who Gotta Have Their Java!

By/ Bobby Finge

National Coffee Day, a celebration of caffeine addiction during which coffee shops around the country (but not Starbucks) will give away thousands—if not millions—of free coffees to everyone who’s simply gotta have their java.

I have personally been celebrating since about 7:30 EST, when I brought home a delicious cold brew from my favorite local coffee shop (a cup I receive for free not because of a National Coffee Day deal, but because I redeemed my latest buy 10 get one free punch card). But really, when yours is the kind of body that enters head-throbbing panic mode after going a morning without downing a cup or two of yummy roasted bean water, every day is National Coffee Day.

So in honor of this most glorious of days, here are some photos of eight celebrities who, like myself, celebrate National Coffee Day each and every time they take a sip of the best drink on the planet.

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