Lauren Conrad How to Wear Fall’s Best Fashion Trends


Lauren shares how to wear fall’s best trends, seen across the runways, including in her own collection.
The style star even shares how interprets the trend and what to wear them.
Shine is everywhere right now. there are a lot of trends out there not to take so literally. For example, the pajama trend people are literally wearing pajamas; whereas, that can be interpreted as a slip trip or a silky, pajama-like top with denim. But actually the shine trend should be embraced. May be don’t wear it head to toe, but when it’s appropriate, it’s fun to include a glittery or shiny piece or a metallic fabric into your wardrobe.
Fall Florals: It’s sort of like a ‘70s vibe, like a vintage wallpaper floral as opposed to a bright, summery floral. They are a bit darker in color scheme and simpler. I know in the past there’s been a lot print mixing. I think this upcoming fall is all about bold colors, so if you do wear a print, I’d wear it with just solid colors and let that stand out.
Velvet: it’s like velvet was so present this summer, which is interesting—it was more in a slip silhouette or little cami. I just went to a wedding, and there was so much velvet, and it was like 90 degrees outside. I was so surprised to see it, but I thought it was fantastic—it’s such a great, luxe fabric. Right now, it’s being done in a transitional way. You’ll be able to continue to wear it in more of a layered way through fall.
We did an exposed, sort off-the-shoulder velvet top in a couple of colors that I really like. We actually did a pleated velvet skirt, which is kind of fun. I haven’t seen a lot of pleating in velvet.

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