Curvy vs Skinny Curvy Girls are Good in the Kitchen

While beauty depends on the eye of the beholder, more guys prefer curvy girls than girls with typical model bodies. Even if they have slim and tall women in their arms, some men confess that they really prefer women who have a full figure. Men might not admit it openly, but there’s something about those feminine arches that make men want them more then stick figures. There are a lot of reasons why Curvy girls are a lot better than skinny ones and here are five of them.
Curvy Girls have Good Sense of Humor:
Just think about it. Most curvy girls are subject to fat jokes, and this might be the reason why a lot of them have a good sense of humor. With good sense of humor, they develop great personalities as well. That’s why full-bodied girls are more fun to be with. They can take the jokes and also come up with good ones. They are not boring on dates and can take things lightly.
Curvy Girls shows  confidence about themselves:
They have nothing but positivity and being around one can make you feel better about yourself as well. A positive outlook can bring changes in life. Full-bodied women are winners in more ways than one. They are fully motivated and have removed all negative things out of their system. They don’t see their figure as a problem, and this radiates into everything they do. It feels like your worries are gone whenever you are with a curvy woman.
Curvy Girls Don’t Count Calories:
Curvy girls can be your food buddy. If you love food, then you will love to go out with a girl who doesn’t eat green salad each time you eat out for dinner, while you’re eating steak. Most skinny girls are not fun to be with when it comes to eating out because they almost always watching what they eat.
Curvy Girls Can Hold Their Liquor:
It is a fact that the alcohol affects women more than men due to a smaller weight and body size, but curvy girls can hold their share of liquor better than skinny ones. Curvy girls are more in control when drinking alcohol compared to skinny girls.
Curvy Girls are Good in the Kitchen:
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is what they say and one advantage curvy girls have over skinny ones is that they know their way in the kitchen. While there are those who don’t know how to cook, the consensus is that full-bodied women who can cook do it best.

Just look at Nigella Lawson, who is known for her sexy way of cooking that utilizes her feminine curves. They know good food because they can appreciate them. That’s why they can create culinary masterpieces even if they don’t have any formal training in cooking.
Curvy girls love to eat and know what they want. They experiment in the kitchen in order to eat the food they love. And you can benefit from their experiments, whether the food is good or bad.


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