Editor’s note

Sahar Mourad

I don’t know about you but I have really enjoyed my month and a half off away from studying and just focusing on Anoujoum. But this month I am off back to reality as I continue studying, as well as delivering you the greatest issues of Anoujoum yet!

These holidays I was able to focus more on myself and what I want the magazine to represent. The journey was a fun and enjoyable one! The amount of support I have from the wonderful contributors as well as the endless support from my family has been phenomenal.

I really enjoyed creating Anoujoum this month as we explore many different topics.

This month we have Hilary Duff on the cover as we explore all her achievements and outstanding works from since she was 11 years old!

We also have an exclusive interview with MasterChef contestant Rose Adam, as we talk about her time in the MasterChef kitchen.

This month we are also introducing a travel section, so if you’re looking for time away from your normal life then the travel section is just for you, as we have set out all the best destinations to visit in Cambodia.

If your kids keep saying they’re bored then get them to check out the top five books this month and let their imaginations wander as they are transported into different worlds.

Finally, check out the latest and final winter trends for this year as we end the cold season.

I hope you enjoy the magazine as much as the contributors and I did, as we deliver the greatest and latest news to you.