Why MasterChef makes us feel bad


By: Sahar Mourad

Just like any other relatively new reality TV show, but probably a bit better, MasterChef Australia has hooked over one million viewers each night.
The reason behind this number of views is because of the amazing meals these amateur cooks can create, and the amount of times it makes you drool wanting a bite from their creations. However, the grounds on which this show makes us feel bad is because of our simple homemade dinners (kudos for making it), and getting our desserts straight from the freezer, compared to the ones that appear on the show.
MasterChef makes you question whether these amateur cooks really are amateur cooks based on their various skills and knowledge about food, because let’s face it, who can really cook like that in their home?
The show continues to make us feel bad because we would not know how to do half the things they all know how to do, especially with the Mystery Box because no way will you be able to cook something with ingredients you’ve never heard of, let alone seen before that very moment.
Another way this show will make you feel crappy about yourself is an example of this scenario. Imagine you’re in an elimination round and you have to ‘Name the Fish’. You know you know it. The judges know you know it. Heck even your mum knows you know it! But you have a little brain fart.
“Uhh…it’s a fish…pfft duh!” Yeah, I would avoid MasterChef altogether, save yourself the embarrassment.
But one of the biggest ways this show makes you feel bad and unworthy of cooking is when you go and attempt one of the dishes.
I can tell you now that you will succeed greatly just by having your ingredients ready, and preheating the oven to 180 degrees (160 for fan-forced). After that it’s all downhill with the tears and screaming “HOW THE HELL DO I FOLD CREAM??”
After your meltdown just follow these simple steps:
1.Wipe away your tears
2.Go to your freezer
3.Take out your ready to eat dessert with no fuss
4.Accept the fact that you will never be able to cook like those ‘amateurs’ can.
5.Be honest with yourself and remember that you would never wait 4 hours for a dessert because “ain’t nobody got time fo dat”