Food is essential for all life, yet many of the world’s poorest people do not have food security. That means they live from day-to-day, uncertain of how to afford or how to access their next meal. Without food, the rest of life is impossible to contemplate: how can you plan for the future or educate your children when you fear you will be hungry?

Each year Project Compassion, which runs through the six weeks of lent, brings hundreds of thousands of people around the world together in solidarity with the world’s poor. Launched by Caritas International, Project compassion is an extraordinary ongoing demonstration of Faith, Love and generosity of caring supporters all in the name of Justice and Peace.

“One human family, food for all” this is Caritas International initiative which aims at ending hunger by 2025.

While many of us celebrate Lent, we know very well how to appreciate its relevance.  As we prepare to celebrate Easter, perhaps we should all use the next few weeks to focus less on our physical appetites and more on our spiritual needs.  Perhaps such meditation would lead us to appreciate anew the cost of grace and the victory of the empty tomb.

“It’s the way we support one another, the way we learn from one another, the way we can be in solidarity with one another”

Mark Green

Donate and help empower the world’s poorest people.


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