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Lamitta Frangieh’s Wedding Photos Finally Revealed

The Lebanese celebrity, Lamitta Frangieh, got married in a secret wedding ceremony in The City of Light, Paris, and she was an absolutely beautiful bride.

Lamitta Frangieh’s marriage came as a surprise especially that the wedding ceremony was held more than a month ago, yet she just broke the news recently. The star shared her marriage news with the world through posting her wedding pictures on her Instagram account, which makes her part of the list of celebrities who got married in 2014.

Lamitta Frangieh’s bridal look was very classic and chic, she wore a tight long-sleeved wedding gown, and she let her hair loose on her back, with a floral headpiece. Her makeup was very simple, with touches of rosy pink, which helped her achieve an angelic look. In the newly released photos of Lamitta Frangieh, she’s seen standing next to her husband in front of the infamous Tour Eiffel. Other pictures released include her bridal look details, such as the engagement ring and the veil.

Now check out Lamitta Frangieh’s wedding photos in Paris, and let us know, did you like her bridal look?


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