• Georges Al Rassi & Joel Hatem

  • Georges Al Rassi & Joel Hatem

  • Georges Al Rassi & Joel Hatem

Georges Al Rassi & Joel Hatem.. Your love is our reward

Is it love or a Scoop? Many people were wondering lately about the real situation between this young celeb couple who not even a year ago announced their marriage to the public and couldn’t hide their love and happiness when they appeared in one of the Lebanese TV shows. Are they getting divorced?

George Al Rassi, the Lebanese artist and his wife the fashion model Joel Hatem are now the talk of the town. “I want divorce” this was Joel status on Facebook last Friday morning. Just a few days after celebrating Valentine together and a wave of family photos with their baby boy Joe. That’s a bit confusing yeah?

Joelle stated before that she was born in the United States of America, her dad is Lebanese and her Mother is Brazilian. She’s fluent in many languages and she is a real extremist in everything she do or say. “I don’t believe in Grey. It’s always either Black or White”.

I think this explain the outbreak she created on social media, by announcing their divorce when the truth was that Georges her husband left the house for the night due to an argument with her.

Georges Al Rassi a well know Lebanese artist who is gifted with a beautiful and melodious voice, brother of the famous actress Nadine Al Rassi and deriving from a distinctively artistic family was completely unaware of his wife prompt announcement on Facebook and declared that he doesn’t want divorce and he is satisfied with his little family.

Today Georges Al Rassi remains much in demand on the club and hotel circuit. Following the success of his songs and popularity. Georges is one of best Lebanese singers in Lebanon and the Arab World. How doesn’t recognise Jay Te3tezer, jawazouha khatifeh, el Hob el Majnoun those beautiful romantic songs? I sure do.

This Scoop, which could be true or not, was defenatly a news blow up even though Joel came back and denied it referring to the state of anger she was in at that particular moment, still it divided the couple followers in two, haters and supporters. People got confused and criticized such a behavior.

Word on the street is that Lebanese actress Cyrine Abdel Nour may have had something to do with the separation. It’s also rumored that Joelle’s dad has refused for her to continue living life with George. What’s awkward is that  few hours after, the couple was enjoying a nice dinner with friends as if nothing happened. What can I say but Welcome to showbiz!!


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