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The Eiffel Tower – Paris

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, also known as the ‘Iron Lady’, is one of the most famous and most recognized icons around the world.  Constructed from 8,000 metallic parts and towering 320 meters high, this initially temporary structure was constructed for an exhibit in 1889. It is hard to believe, but this incredible structure was formally criticised and loathed at the time of its construction due to it being “out of place” as well as an “eye-sore”. The tower was only intended to last for 20 years, however, its usefulness as a radio antenna ensured its survival.  Today, this tower is a beloved and highly irreplaceable structure in Paris and the world, where its impressive size and structure are much loved.

The Eiffel Tower consists of three breathtaking panoramic views of Paris. Take in the magnificence of this incredible sight and be blown away by the breathtaking views as you ascend to the top. Tourists are able to dine on the first level with a beautiful view of the city. On the second level, you can indulge in the Jules Vernes restaurant, a Michelin-starred restaurant. The top level, at a height of 276 meters, provides a sweeping outlook of Paris and beyond, by approximately 70 kilometers on a clear day. Viewing the city from such a height, seeing it as a microscopic city would be hard to resist!

As well as visiting the Eiffel tower during the day, preferably in the morning to avoid crowds, visiting the site during the evening will be worth the watch! At sundown, until 1am, the tower is illuminated with Golden Lighting which glows from the lights places inside of the framework.

Chartres Cathedral – Chartres

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Chartres, also known as Chartres Cathedral, is another magnificent site to visit while in France. Covering over 2,500 square meters, this cathedral has been standing for over eight centuries and counting, marking the high point of French Gothic art. It is also listed with the UNESCO World Heritage List in order to protect and preserve the fine architecture of the site.

The cathedral is one of the most completely survived medieval churches, still in remarkable condition in regards to the age of the building, being almost perfectly preserved in design and details. The porches are adorned with fine sculptures, and the walls are covered with stained-glass windows all in extraordinary condition, which combined create the masterpiece which it is today. The glass-stained windows allow for colourful light to filter through the cathedral, creating an eerie yet visually pleasant effect. These windows can date back from the 13th century where they also depict biblical stories within.  Between April and through till October, a light show which illuminates the cathedral at night is held which is not to be missed!

In addition to the wonderful architecture, Chartres Cathedral has been a major pilgrimage destination from the early Middle Ages. The combination of its history and religious purposes, as well as the impressively preserved architecture, continue to create an atmosphere of amazement and awe impressing all visitors to come see it.