Spiced Granny Smith, yoghurt and brown sugar cake


• 3 small unpeeled Granny Smiths, grated

• 60ml lemon juice

• 200g brown sugar

• 2tsp mixed sweet spices (see Note)

• 1tsp river salt

• 260g sheep’s milk yoghurt (see Note)

• 110ml strong, spicy extra-virgin olive oil

• 3 eggs

• 1 lemon, finely zested

• 250g self-raising flour

• 2tsp baking powder

• cream or ice-cream, to serve


Preheat oven to 150°C

Grate the apples and quickly place in a bowl with the lemon juice. Mix well to combine and set aside.

In a small mixing bowl, using your fingers, combine the brown sugar, spice mixture and salt. Set aside.

In a large mixing bowl whisk together the yoghurt, olive oil, eggs and lemon zest. Squeeze out two-thirds of the grated apple, discarding any liquid, and use a spatula to mix apple into the yoghurt mixture.

Into this batter, fold two-thirds of the spiced sugar, the flour and baking powder. Once it is nicely amalgamated, spoon this batter into a lined 26 cm springform cake tin.

Squeeze out the remaining apple, discarding any liquid, and spread apple more or less evenly over the top of the cake. Use your fingertips to lightly press bits of it into the batter. Sprinkle remaining spiced sugar over the cake, lightly pressing bits of it into the batter.

Bake for 30–35 minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out clean.

Allow it to cool until warm. Serve with cream or ice-cream. Cake will store airtight for a good few days.