‘Halloween’ Star Jamie Lee Curtis Chills with Zac Efron in a Trick Pic

It’s been a fun month here on Collider and across the interwebs when it comes to Halloween shenanigans, but we would have been left unfulfilled if we didn’t get a new bit of information on Blumhouse Productions’ planned Halloween reboot. Praise Samhain because franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis is here with one more treat (at least we hope it’s a treat and not a cruel trick). Update: It’s definitely a trick!
In a pair of social media posts timed to the day that shares the movie’s name,  Zac Efron (Baywatch) appeared alongside Lee Curtis, who stars as Laurie Strode alongside the previously announced Judy Greer as her daughter, Karen. Apparently Efron won’t be playing anyone in the film since it was just a “fun throwback photo”, which is a shame, but since his Tweet said he’s “On Michael Myers patrol”, I was hoping maybe he was part of a new group of protectors (or even hunters?) of the terror, perhaps inspired by the previous efforts of Dr. Loomis. Bummer. David Gordon Green‘s film opens on October 19, 2018, so mark your calendars accordingly.

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