Romance Was Born is a tour de force of contemporary Australian fashion fusing together their unique storytelling vision and design prowess. The internationally renowned duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales met while completing their degree in fashion design and in 2005 established the inimitable label Romance Was Born. Known for their ability to transform any theme or inspiration into a glimmering, chimerical paradise full of wonderment. Romance Was Born create clothes that are more than just a sum of their parts- they create immersive cultural experiences that provoke an emotional response. In Harpers Bazaar Australia 2011 Cate Blanchett quotes “I love Romance Was Born because they have a great anarchic freedom”. Collaboration is an integral part of design for Romance Was Born, who choose to collaborate with artists or brands that share their creative passion and are dedicated to their own process. Seeing them collaborate with Disney, Marvel, Lego, May Gibbs, Linda Jackson, Jenny Kee, the Sydney Theatre Company and the National Gallery of Victoria. Together they find creative common ground and build an awe-inspiring relationship between fashion and art. Romance Was Born are stocked in 26 stores nationally and their creations are held in fashion and textile collections at the Powerhouse Museum and The National Gallery of Victoria.
Photos by Frank Dababneh – Inst: dfd_photography
Report taken from MBFW
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