Nine Tips for Kissable Lips

There is absolutely nothing sexy about cracked or chafed lips, they just don’t look appealing or luscious at all. Anoujoum offers you a few tips to make your lips look totally kissable!

1. Exfoliate: Women often forget this, but one of the best things you can do for your lips is to exfoliate them. All you will need is a gentle scrub and a toothbrush,

2. No smoking: Smoking will darken your lips; lead to wrinkles and of course cause a bad smell to your lips area.

3. Always have lip balm on you to keep your lips moisturized at all times, and always apply lip balm before you go to bed.

4. Apply lip balm before lipstick. Always apply a good base before applying your lipstick, such as a lip balm or even a lip shine.

5. Sunblock is super important for your lips to keep them protected too. This will help keep your lips healthy and oh-so-kissable.

6. Do not go overboard with the lip liner.

7. Coconut oil:  Is truly loaded with benefits, and keeping your lips healthy and luscious is one of them.

8. Don’t bite on your cracked lip.

9. Load up on water:  water is the answer to all your skin problems.

Trend Alert Evil Eye Nail Art

We’ve seen the evil eye everywhere in fashion, from clothes to accessories, but the popular symbol has recently made its way to nail art. Evil eye nail art has been trending for a while, that’s why Anoujoum beauty will show you the best evil eye nail art designs to inspire you. Whether you like simple nail art or over the top designs, you’ll find something to suit your taste.

One way to recreate the trend in a simple way, is to paint the evil eye on one fingernail only, but if you want to get more artistic, then get the staring peeping eyes on all your fingertips. Go on and ward off the evil eye.


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