Take It …. Or Leave It!

By Ritta Shdeed

Who of us wouldn’t want to have the glamorous smoky eye look of Beyonce or the dazzling tan of J- Lo? Who wouldn’t wish for the brimming reddish lip guise of Angelina Jolie? I bet that is every girl’s avidity! However, the question that comes to mind here is, “What kind of beauty products do these celebrities use, and are they worth splurging on?”

Most celebrities use designer products that cost a fortune. Designer products are usually priced higher due to several reasons. First, comes the brand name and packaging. It’s going to cost you some extra money to have this status symbol such as Chanel in your cosmetics bag! In addition, designer products comprise a lot of fragrance and increased pigmentation, which would make the product smell nicer and last longer. Finally, designer applicators can enhance the spread of the product, thus making your skin finer and smoother.

WAIT…. BE SMART!!! You don’t have to spend much money on beauty products to look like your favorite celebrity; all you need to do is be wise while picking what you want. Here is a list of the things you can splurge on and the things you can buy from any brand.

Take It! 

Foundation and Concealer: Since these two are the basics of a good neat make up, it’s crucial that you buy a designer brand that ensures a smooth glossy skin free of cracks and wrinkles.

Eye shadow: Eye shadows should be of premium pigmentation; that way you won’t need to apply much and would be saving on the long run.

Lipstick: A good lipstick depends on a rich pigmentation, which makes the color more intense and long lasting.

Applicators: Designer brushes are formulated in such a way that ensures that the products are finely distributed on your skin.

Leave It!

Mascara: Since the life span of mascara is relatively short (up to three months), there’s no need to buy an expensive one. As long as you find what you need in a cheap one, go ahead and buy it! You can always apply as many coats as you want.

Lip gloss and nail polish: These are usually made up of the same materials in all brands. The color, packaging and the brand are the only variables, so no need to splurge on them.

Body products: Premium body products are unnecessary for most body parts except for the hands and feet since they are more vulnerable to the sun’s effect. A good moisturizer can do a great job for the rest of the body parts.

So, whether you are a die-hard fan of a certain designer brand or just any regular person interested in beauty, you can always be sage and select the products that deserve your hard-earned money, keeping in mind that designer brands aren’t necessarily better than other brands, but it’s the people’s ideology which led to this perception.


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